introductory arrangements 


As you have seen, teamluyt specializes in customised projects.
Made to measure means, for you and for us, a generous investment in time and resources and I can imagine that decisions to invest in such a program should be taken carefully.
To give you an idea of the various possibilities, I have created a special one-day introductory program.
You and your team (minimum 10 people) will be collected in Harlingen at 10.30am by a high speed rescue boat.
Following your arrival there will be a short walk to beach pavilion “de Walvis” (The Wale) where
lunch will be served while enjoying the beautiful scenery of theWad.
After lunch the group will have the choice of either a beach activity, a visit to the Wreck Museum or visit the Groene Weide ( the Green Meadow), where you will be shown the studio and will be able to meet Hessel.
We will return to West Terschelling by bus and during the boat trip back to Harlingen you will enjoy a wonderful captain’s dinner. You will be back in Harlingen at approximately 19.30.
You and your team will be enthusiastic, tired and satisfied.
This arrangement is on offer for € 180.00 per person exclusive of VAT.
It is also possible to travel in style and use the authentic ambiance of the MS de IJMOND or MS de PETRA.

This option will cost €225.00 per person exclusive of VAT.
Foto 2 • Uw team, ons team