this is what we do . . . 

teamluyt will change your meetings into something special .
By working on the island of “Terschelling” and using the forces of nature, your team will soon be
“In the mood”
Because of the “island” atmosphere and the addition of relaxing and often surprising elements, the participation and creativity of all attendants will be stimulated to the full.
Your management meeting, general conference, brain storming session, strategy discussion, product launch and training program will benefit tremendously due to this unique approach.
We also organize company outings, team programs, incentives and specialized training sessions.
Additionally we can offer team coaching and/or individual coaching sessions.
Whatever we undertake, we differ from the rest by adding value to the process in the way our participants and the team are encouraged to approach the given activities.
Upon completion of the program, we can offer guidelines to the management to ensure that what has been learned will be applied in practice.
Foto 5 • De adrenaline giert door je lijf